MECSPE Sustainability Pathway

MECSPE Sustainability Pathway

Sustainability is an increasingly central topic in business strategies and is considered a top priority by 8 out of 10 SMEs.

Embarking on a sustainability path, in its three declinations of environmental, social and governance, represents an essential choice to face the many global challenges and respond to market and stakeholder demands.

The EcoFriendly Path evolves into the Sustainability Pathway, an initiative aimed at giving visibility and rewarding exhibitors who have already embarked on a sustainability path. Project Hub 360 will assess companies through the ESG+C method, based on national and international standards such as the SDGs, GRIs, ESRS and the SRG 88088 standard.

The survey will be updated with new questions, with the aim of defining an initial company positioning with respect to the theme.

Following the compilation, exhibitors may be included, if eligible, in the Sustainability Pathway, and get visibility in the catalog, online and through a plaque to be affixed to the booth. That will make them identifiable by journalists and visitors, as companies that have embarked on a Sustainability patway.

The result of the survey will be presented at the Fair, within the awarding of prizes to the 3 companies that have most achieved sustainability goals, divided into:

  • Sustainability Target (company vision/strategy)
  • Sustainable Product (presented at the fair)
  • Sustainable Process

In addition, for all the exhibitors wishing to learn more about corporate sustainability issues or receive a more in-depth ESG sustainability assesment free of charge, the ESG Sustainability Desk run by Project HUB 360 will be available in the Exhibition Core. It will be possible to schuedule an appointment to get a company positioning with a focus to ESG issues and guidance on how to implement a sustainability roadmap.

Senaf during 2023 obtained ISO 20121 certification in order to create and provide a sustainability management system for live events, evaluating and monitoring all the processes that are required for the holding of an event in compliance with social and economic sustainability parameters. The principles and values in which SENAF is reflected are reflected in the following points:


  • Create a work culture that encourages the promotion of sustainability and the adoption of key sustainability issues.
  • Enable the personal development of all employees and strengthen available resources through innovation, training and learning.
  • Allocate sufficient resources to provide and maintain the sustainable management system.
  • Understand how we can reduce our impact on the environment to ensure a sustainable industry for future growth.
  • Engage stakeholders in a transparent and inclusive way on sustainability principles to encourage their support and feedback or sustainable outcomes. This includes sharing knowledge and good working practices to help stakeholders adopt sound and sustainable management practices.
  • Integrate consideration of sustainability into the organization of live events that adhere to and, where possible, exceed the ISO 20121 standard, to maintain compliance.
  • Sourcing products and services that are sustainably produced or supplied to promote stewardship.
  • Integrating sustainability into the procurement of our products and requiring suppliers to meet these requirements through specifications and contracts.
  • Maintain healthy and safe working conditions for employees.
  • Being profitable to create long-term value.
  • Conduct our business with honesty, good faith and without fraud and deception.
  • Enhance our reputation as a responsible company by supporting local communities and responsible business initiatives.