Digital Factory

Digital Factory

The Digital Factory show will focus on the 4.0 Industry that represents the heart of the industry of the future, where technology and business are increasingly interconnected, creating a manufacturing of smart products.

From IT to Industrial Sensors, from Cloud Manufacturing to RIFD – NFC Near Field Communication to Software and machines able to communicate wirelessly through IoT (Internet of Things), this new production system will not only save the costs of production and trasport of materialbut also it will reduce the time and increase the speed of response. A new context for companies that no longer have to focus on the production cycle, but they will have to identify the key step of this process.

Industrial computing • IoT • Industrial sensors • Cloud-manufacturing • Automatic identification technologies • Applications, devices, instrumentation and smart components for interpreting and interconnecting processes

La voce degli espositori

“MECSPE Bari represents an important event for Tesar, allowing us to embrace a market as rich in opportunities as southern Italy. Bari has also recently become a strategic point for us, as the headquarters of Tesar Automation, our subsidiary dedicated to industrial automation. We have important news in store for the next edition of the fair, including new products for Industry 4.0 aimed at reducing consumption from a sustainable perspective, which will be added to Tesar’s offering, which is already rich in cutting-edge solutions. Our booth will also feature OmniAGV, our automated guided industrial logistics vehicle, winner of the Innovation 4.0 award and a candidate for the 2024 Golden Compass.”

Mauro Manzetti, COO of Tesar

“As the director of research and development of management solutions for SMEs of a large software house, I can only confirm the strategic nature of participation in MECSPE Bari. The impulse transmitted by PNRR to the manufacturing sector, with particular attention to the world of smart factories, has brought technological innovation back to the center of the development plans of many Italian SMEs. In this context, MECSPE Bari represents the ideal showcase to present our solutions for factory digitization to the manufacturing industry. Participating in MECSPE Bari allows us to show our support to the manufacturing industry in the transition to smarter, connected and sustainable production models. In summary, being present at MECSPE Bari allows us to access a large audience of decision makers in the manufacturing industry, promote our ERP solutions and establish lasting business relationships with companies interested in improving their efficiency and competitiveness through the adoption of advanced technologies.”

Christan Pari, business area R&D director – accountants – Passepartout

“DIG:ITA’s participation in MECSPE Bari is an unmissable opportunity to highlight the crucial role of digitalization in the transformation of the manufacturing sector. We firmly believe that digital innovation is the key ingredient to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, optimize resources and drive industrial sustainability. By presenting MOSAICO, the platform for sharing manufacturing and industrial processes, within which our digital operators – iDO, AI.DA and U-MANO – also work, we intend to show how technology can be a catalyst for industrial evolution. We believe that Italian manufacturing, with particular reference to Puglia’s fervent industrial fabric, has enormous potential to emerge as a hub of industrial innovation, and we hope that our presence can help catalyze that growth. This event is an opportunity to share our ideas, learn from other industry players and work together to shape the future of Italian manufacturing.”

Edoardo Cella, CDO of DIG:ITA

“For the 2nd year, the TeamSystem group will be at MECSPE Bari, a meeting and reference place for the Italian manufacturing industry. Being at MECSPE is important because we believe that our solutions can accompany Italian companies in the digital and energy transition process. During the 3-day exhibition we will talk about solutions designed for Industry 4.0, cutting-edge software and systems for managing factory operations such as production planning and scheduling, process efficiency and resource management and training.”

Achille Magni, Head of Enterprise Sales Centro Sud – TeamSystem

“Participating in MECSPE is critical for a growing company like Corex because it offers numerous benefits. The trade show provides an opportunity to showcase its consulting services to a wide audience, improving visibility and brand recognition. In addition, through direct engagement with potential clients, the company can generate leads and build valuable relationships. During the expo, service offerings in the areas of Industry 4.0, R&D, Business Digitization, Quality and Environmental Management Systems, green transition projects and more will be showcased. In addition, the presence within the Digital Factory exhibition facilitates networking by enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Corex supports its clients, from small entrepreneurs to large enterprises, offering active and continuous support in the technical-engineering-management field, thanks also to its network of partners acquired over the years.”

Luigi Maria Tridico, CDO & Cofounder – Corex srls

Hyperlean has decided to participate at MECPSE Bari to meet the excellence of central and southern Italy and present LeanCOST and LeanDESIGNER software solutions that offer support in configuration, design and budgeting in various manufacturing sectors through integration with the most modern 3D CAD systems.

MECPSE is the ideal event to present technology as an enabler that optimizes the product development process: it generates savings, reduces time to market and the possibility of human error.

It is important for us to collaborate with a strategic industrial fabric of attentive and motivated professionals, which also enjoys a natural openness to Mediterranean countries. Our team will be available to visitors to offer dedicated live DEMOs, discuss industry challenges and opportunities, and meet new potential partners.  

We look forward to seeing you at Booth Q22!

Giovanni Picca, President – HYPERLEAN

Participating in MECSPE Bari for Mare Group is an important opportunity. In a rapidly changing world, where Industry 5.0 is no longer an aspiration but a tangible reality, being present at this event is crucial. Here, manufacturing meets innovation, sustainability and digitalization, concepts that are in our Group’s DNA.

With clients ranging from Automotive to Aerospace, from Manufacturing to Precision Mechanics, from Cultural Heritage to Public Administration, and a total group turnover that, at the end of 2022, exceeded 39 million, we set ourselves as a reference point in the technological 4.0 scenario. At MECSPE Bari, we will have the opportunity to show not only our products, services and technologies but our vision of the future. We expect fruitful exchanges, business opportunities and networking moments, but above all, the opportunity to share and learn from the excellence of the whole supply chain for an increasingly digital, sustainable and cutting-edge manufacturing sector.

Fulvio Guarino, CCO – MARE GROUP

“We are glad to participate to MECSPE Bari, for Futura Ingegneria it is an unmissable occasion to make known our young and strongly digital innovation oriented reality.

The main novelty we will present will be our Augmented Reality platform, designed to support the supervision and maintenance of machines and industrial plants by realising a Digital Twin in real time. This tool was created with the aim of optimising production processes and the resources employed, integrating perfectly with the industrial environment.

Italy, but especially Apulia, is turning into a hub of innovation with a focus on the transformation of classic industrial processes; we at Futura want to be part of this already tangible change, bringing the future here.

Surely this fair will be the right opportunity to share ideas, weave new relationships, and we can’t wait to get started.

Giampiero Pupillo, CEO of Futura Ingegneria