Quality & Control

Quality & Control

Controllo & Qualità is the Exhibition Hall dedicated to certification and quality control in the industrial sector: metrology, calibration and qualitative analysis for every sector.

Quality certification and control • Metrology • Measurement instruments • Laboratory tests• Calibration • Analysis equipment • Vision

La voce degli espositori

Leonardo 3D Metrology is a metrology company in Turin, and is engaged in instrument distribution and service delivery in the area of quality control.
The main services it delivers at its laboratory or from customers are: testing, reverse engineering, tomographic analysis, software training, CMM retrofit, arm and CMM calibration, and 3D printing.

The main products it distributes are anthropomorphic probing and laser-headed arms, CMMs, portable 3D laser scanners, robotic solutions, tomographic machines, and testing and reverse engineering software.

Customers include small manufacturing companies and major players in the national production fabric and beyond. Thanks to the rich network of Italian and international partners it collaborates with, the Company can offer customized services and products to meet different needs with customized solutions.

The Company is oriented toward technological innovation and a consultative relationship with the customer. This philosophy has allowed it to expand by opening a second location with a metrology laboratory in Morocco in 2022 to meet the needs of the expanding North African market.”

Federico Ghinassi, Manager of Sales at Leonardo 3D Metrology

“We are excited to return to Puglia for the second edition of MECSPE Bari, three days of education, innovation and sustainability!

MECSPE features a wide range of industries, including automation, machine tools, material processing technologies, 3D printing, robotics and more. Participating in the trade show allows us to connect with a wide range of visitors, including manufacturing industry professionals, practitioners, potential customers and business partners.

Those who come to visit us at our booth will be able to take a closer look at some of our optical measurement solutions with applications related to the E-Mobility sector. E-Mobility will be the focus of our exhibit with solutions for measurement, inspection and testing of major electric vehicle components. However, manual measurement solutions and machine tool applications will not be missing.
We look forward to seeing you!”

Fabio Faggioli, Sales Manager at MARPOSS

“Why the choice of the Bari trade fair event? Among the current goals of CS INSTRUMENTS ITALIA, established six years ago as a subsidiary of the German company of the same name, a leading manufacturer of measuring instrumentation for compressed air and gases, is to expand its business to the Center and South of the Peninsula.
The Apulian capital is a nerve center of innovation for Central and Southern Italy. So here, with a view to business growth in the area, MECSPE Bari seems to represent the right opportunity.

At MECSPE CS INTRUMENTS will present its latest developments in the following areas:
• Consumption and flow measurement;
• Dew point and residual moisture measurement;
• Leak detection and management;
• Compressed air quality (particulate and residual oil measurement);
• Software solutions for calibration, control and monitoring of measuring instruments.

It will be a pleasure to welcome visitors to our booth and convey to them the values our company identifies with, such as energy saving, cost cutting, technological innovation and measurement accuracy.”

Riccardo Hassan, MD of Cs Instruments Italy

MES Group – Naples, Turin, Toulouse – specializes in the design and production of innovative measurement solutions, offering dimensional inspection and reverse engineering services using the latest generation of fixed and portable instrumentation: CMMs, Laser Trackers, Anthropomorphic Arms.

From 2011 to the present, MES’s core value is Quality, understood as both product & process quality, in order to carry out every activity from a Customer-oriented perspective and the satisfaction of its requirements. All this translates into the expansion of skills through continuous training, and the constant search for new solutions and cutting-edge technologies. It is in the pursuit of our Mission that we decided to take part in MECSPE Bari: the Apulian region has a recognized manufacturing capacity and interesting research activities, with further potential to see its production fabric strengthened and make it a pole of excellence. As an entrepreneur from the South, I am very excited to have joined this edition, which I anticipate will be full of insights and opportunities for our business growth.”

Alfonso D’Aria, Chief Executive Officer at MES Group

“The decision of the German company Wenzel Metrology to participate in the MECSPE Bari Exhibition with excellence in the aerospace, rail and automotive sectors is driven by unique opportunities. The region, South Central, have a tradition of technological excellence, offering strategic partnerships, high quality of labor, access to new markets and the possibility to develop innovative solutions. This participation can benefit both the German company and Central South Italy by promoting knowledge exchange and technological progress in these key areas.  

The WENZEL Group is one of the leading quality and styling solutions providers of industrial measurement technology, and operates as the largest family-owned measurement technology provider in the international market with subsidiaries in major areas and with distrubutors.”

Fabio Solimene, Area General Manager at Wenzel Italia