Plastics, rubber and composites machinery and subcontracting

Eurostampi show

The Eurostampi – Machines and Subcontracting for Plastics, Rubber and Composites exhibition at MECSPE is dedicated to the suppliers of this supply chain, which examines different processes: moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, extrusion, screen printing, painting, in mold labelling.
From design through materials, machinery, plants and subcontracting, the entire rubber-plastics-composites supply chain is represented in an exhibition whose main themes are sustainability and training.

Plastics, rubber and composite processing | Machines and plants | Innovative materials | Moulding | Extrusion | Packaging | Blow Moulding | Moulds | Models | Normalised parts for moulds | Design | Simulation and design software | Micro-processing | Auxiliary equipment

ARBURG wanted to be present because we expect many investments in southern Italy, favoured on the one hand by new technologies related to renewable energies, infrastructure, high-tech districts and the automotive industry, and on the other hand by government and European support in the form of development funds from which southern Italy will benefit.

Raffaele Abbruzzetti, Managing Director Italy ARGURG

Mecspe in Bari 2023 for our group represents an important event to increasingly strengthen our relations and synergies with companies in central and southern Italy. Our first edition in 2019 was a success in terms of the number of visitors to our stand who were able to get to know our distribution reality, our sales staff and our wide range of engineering plastics and thermoplastics. The novelty this year will be the presentation of the Re-new Line, totally oriented towards the circular economy, composed of totally recycled products from post-consumption and compounds with recycling % from 30 to 90% that can be used in various applications and all certified Second Life Plastic. Our Mission will be to guide our customers as best we can in this great change taking place that is the Circular Economy.

Vincenzo Chianese, Owner AT&SERVICE Srl